Restoring the Lives of Men and Families in Our Community

Shalom House Rehabilitation Centre, Perth, WA

Shalom House – 60 bed facility.

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Shalom House is a men’s residential Rehabilitation Centre located in the heart of the Swan Valley in Perth WA, only 23 kms from the Perth CBD. Our focus is on bringing restoration to the lives of men and families in our community. At present our program caters for up to 60 men and also families and their children.

We offer a holistic rehabilitation program that focuses on the whole person to bring restoration to all areas of the resident’s life, in areas such as finances, relationships, heart issues as well as employment education and training for the future to both men and married couples while actively functioning within the community, our program is practical and hands on. We offer our services to anyone with a life-controlling issue, whether it be addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol or people with anxiety, fear or emotional trauma.

At Shalom House Rehabilitation Centre, Perth, our residents always come first in the service we provide, we do whatever we can to provide a safe place for them to restore their lives and relationships with those that they hurt. Shalom House is known to be the strictest rehabilitation centre in Australia with our no-nonsense approach and many non-negotiable boundaries and strict rules for the residents to abide by ensuring that all residents move through the program as fast as possible but at the same time making sure they receive as much from the program that can be gained as possible. Unless you are in a place where you are willing to do whatever it takes to change your life, including stopping smoking then Shalom House is not for you.

The founder of Shalom House rehabilitation C1447401069836entre WA, Peter Lyndon-James, understands the need for rehabilitation and how hard it is to break free from life’s controlling issues, having himself come from a background of 26 years in addiction to drugs and life controlling problems. Peter was institutionalised from the age of 9, addicted to drugs and came from a broken home, his struggle to break free from the life that held him captive was a process that taught him a great deal. Peter now uses what he has learned to help set others free from what held him captive for so many years.

Shalom House Rehabilitation Centre Perth is founded on Christian Principles and has a 60-bed facility, staffed by qualified and trained personnel over 5 locations, our staff and Volunteers do their utmost in caring for our clients making them and their progress our priority.

If you have any questions regarding a placement at Shalom House Rehabilitation Centre or would like to tour our facilities, please call Peter on: 0473 883 914

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