12920252_1686480511601404_2785271453633636915_nShed at Pete’s Place

Kicks off @ 6.15pm sharp every Tuesday.

$10 towards pizzas, tea, coffee, cool drinks and biscuits. Pizzas arrive around 6.45pm. It’s a really great laid back night with fellas from all over Perth.

  • Meet the blokes in our community looking to make a change in their lives
  • Challenge each other to grow
  • Develop friendships and lasting connections with real blokes
  • Have a feed

Shalom Family Night12391246_1650955188487270_3487595170139345426_n

Every Saturday starting @ 4:30pm. A great opportunity to meet the fellas and families of Shalom. Tie into the Shalom community and become a member.

  • Open to all ages
  • Men and women welcome
  • Meet the families and people of shalom
  • Build community ties
  • Be challenged


“Get a Life Weekend” Real Blokes – Real Stories

A life changing camp with more200 fellas over four days and lots of fun. Dorm style accommodation with full camp kitchen.

Next camp will be held in November 2017. For further information and to reserve your spot, email info@ShalomHouse.com.au

  • Charter Fishing
  • Hiking, canoeing
  • Suited for all ages and fitness levels





In this presentation, you will learn to:

  • Never give up on a person but set boundaries
  • How to guard your heart
  • Bring the truth in love
  • How to put the ball in their court
  • How to speed up the process to bring the person to a point of wanting to change
  • How to help that person when they get to a point of change
  • How to care for yourself and family as it all unfolds13330924_1710339382548850_1995901703546623401_n

Stages of addiction:

A – just starting out (recreational user) at a fork in the road

B – Weekly user, every weekend, thinks it’s OK

C – Won’t listen, made their mind up, can’t see it’s wrong, unteachable

D – pathway to destruction, using every day, selling assets, life falling apart, lost family

E – flat out user, lost all friends and family, everything around them is falling to pieces

13310530_1710339345882187_3877260636326084849_n (1)
Damien Gee taking us on a virtual tour of the houses


You will also learn what you do and don’t do:

  • Don’t blame yourself
  • Learn to let go Don’t Pay debts of any kind
  • Don’t do things on their behalf
  • Set your boundaries
  • You can’t be angry at the person, you must understand the drug
  • Depending on where they are at, don’t let them back in your home (A, B, C, D, E)

The problem we have:

  • We don’t have everyone on the same page
  • Too many people are, “do as I say not do as I do” people
  • We don’t have enough rehabilitation centres
  • In some cases, we are taking them from an Illegal addiction to a legal one
  • There are many people who are not serious about wanting to change and we are putting them with the ones who are therefore taking out the serious ones in the process.

We will be hearing a couple of testimonies from parents and ex-addicts who have come out the other side. Anyone is invited, male or female, young or old. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions on the day.



Saturday, 6 May 2017
10am – 2pm
RSVP and further information:
0404 654 004 | info@ShalomHouse.com.au