Shalom House is always looking for new ways to serve the community and assist people in need.

A massive part of our program entails giving back to those who are in need. Whether it
is helping rebuild playground equipment, repairing the home of someone who can’t or simply collecting rubbish to preserve our environment, Shalom House takes pride in its ability to assist our community. We do this work 100% charitably, asking for nothing in return. It is our organisation’s goal to not only restore the lives of men and families, but also to serve our community in any way that we can.

Shalom House will often come alongside people who have suffered a tragedy like fire or vandalism and don’t know where to start rebuilding. Our team will do all that they can to make sure that this devastating time is made a little easier.

We have a dedicated truck for community purposes with tools and an enthusiastic team of men to get the job done. They are overseen by a team leader and advised by qualified trades people for the bigger jobs.

Shalom House truly loves its community, we have a deep respect for its people and leaders, for the families, the schools and the businesses. A part of our program is to teach this respect and love to our residents, by giving them the opportunity to take pride in the place that they live, to give back and to serve the people around them.