Shalom Works is a maintenance business based in West Swan that seeks to give the best quality work while giving men a second chance at life.  Do you have maintenance, landscaping, gardening or construction work that needs doing?  Do you want to play a part in helping our residents restart their lives?

Shalom works has competitive market pricing and can quote any job, big or small.

Call our team for a quote on 0473 883 915

Shalom works has two services it provides:



The Softscapes team carries out all types of gardening and landscaping services covering many tasks

such as: tree lopping, tree pruning, lawn mowing & slashing, hedge trimming & shrub shaping, weeding and mulching. They also carry out all types of other work not listed here such as yard clean ups and garden make overs. Just because it’s not listed here it doesn’t mean we don’t do it, please feel free to ask.


The team has the capacity to do just about anything: from the construction of pergolas, patios and lean to areas to timber decking, gyprocking, bricklaying. We also do all types of rendering and plastering to painting & decorating. If you have a bathroom you want re-done or a wall knocked out then we are the crew for you. Again, if it’s not listed here it doesn’t mean we don’t do it, take tiling for example, yes we do tiling, call for your free, no obligation quote today.


12112181_1634561340152916_6720046309658006232_nIf you want paving repaired or relaid or a limestone wall built then we do it all. Paving, limestone walls, retaining walls, feature walls and even water walls. Big jobs or small, we’re the team for you, from driveways to cross overs, from repairs to brand new installations please feel free to give us a call.

All of our teams are respectful, hard working, responsible, reliable, caring and qualified. We are all non smoking and never use foul language on or near any of our work sites. Most of our workers are trade qualified and all have a white card. Our team is trained and competent in what they do.

The rates that we charge for our fellas is approximately $45 per hour per person for our hardscapes team; and $40 per hour per person for our softscapes team.

We are 100% insured with public liability and third party cover this also includes workers comp insurance. The reason for this low rate is that we want your business; as without it we couldn’t do what we do – Restore the lives of men & families in our community. It’s really important to know that 100% of the profits from Shalom Works and its teams goes back into the running of the Shalom House program. Our main goal is to tackle the problems of addiction and drugs in our community head on.

We are a 100% self-funded not for profit organisation: 

We do not ask for grants or government assistance of any kind. We do our best to teach our fellas to work for everything they achieve in life – and we try to model the same. We really value the work that we are given as an organisation and don’t take it for granted. We aim to do our best to respect and honour every customer regardless of the job. W13178019_1702404643342324_5963615638944143594_nhen we leave the job site complete and finished the customer personally within themselves are better off than they were before we came. We are not just about the work but also about the person.

Shalom Works staffs men who have been caught in a spiral of life controlling issues and drug addiction and have made the decision to do whatever it takes to change their lives. Most people’s perception of a person who fits in this category is misinformed. They are good, hard-working men who have just made some wrong choices and they need a little help getting right again.

Our aim is to see the lives of these men fully restored to a point where they are able to re-join society completely set up to succeed in life. We aim to get each member of our program either full time work, into their own business, an apprenticeship as a tradesman or into part or full time study. We come alongside the men to bring out the best in them, encouraging them to believe that nothing is impossible and that they can achieve or do whatever their hearts set out to do.

We endeavor to impart skills that will help them throughout their lives and in their work places. We encourage interpersonal skills, effective communication, good moral and work ethic, personal responsibility and even prepare the men physically and mentally for a hard day’s work, conditioning them over time to be able to achieve any task.

By sending our residents out to different12993611_1700265260249190_8300712944783866861_n jobs with our team, they are given the opportunity to learn new skill sets and build their confidence in the workplace. Most wouldn’t give them the time of day, let alone the chance to work and learn. With each job we receive it is helping to restore a man’s life and give him and his family a future. We believe everyone is where they are because of their choices. By working hard and earning money they are taking back responsibility for their lives and actions. Paying off debt and becoming self-sufficient is a huge part in the restoration process for a man coming out of a life of addiction.

Shalom Works also takes on charity and volunteer work by giving our services for free to those in need and other organisations that may need our help, through our Community Services branch. Please call or email CommunityServices@ShalomHouse.com.au if you fell that you may qualify. Our motto is “Helping those who help others”, so whatever we can do within reason to help you, we’re there for you.