Changing the Lives of Men and Families in Our Community
A long-term, safe, supportive community
For men pursuing a life free from addiction.

Alcohol & drug addiction
can affect anyone.

Congratulations Rob!

CONGRATULATIONS Rob on Passing your Truck License! That’s fantastic news to hear mate (and well deserved). Onwards and upwards! read more

A Testimony from a Parent

When you have a child who has chosen to like illegal substances, there is not much you can do as a parent. My heart was breaking. Every day I thought about…

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Shalom House is a men’s residential Rehabilitation Centre located in the heart of the Swan Valley in Perth WA, only 23 kms from the Perth CBD.

Our focus is on bringing restoration to the lives of men and families in our community. We offer a holistic rehabilitation program while actively functioning within the community, our program is practical and hands on. We offer our services to anyone with a life controlling issue, whether it be addiction to substances such as drugs and Alcohol or people with anxiety, fear or emotional trauma. At Shalom House Rehabilitation Centre, Perth, our Residents always come first in the service we provide, we do what ever we can to provide a safe place for them to restore their lives.

The founder of Shalom House rehabilitation Centre WA, Peter Lyndon-James, understands the need for rehabilitation and how hard it is to break free from life’s controlling issues, having himself come from a background of 26 years in addiction to drugs and life controlling problems. Peter was institutionalised from the age of 9, addicted to drugs and came from a broken home, his struggle to break free from the life that held him captive was a process that taught him a great deal.  Shalom House Rehabilitation Centre Perth is founded on Christian Principles and has a 30 bed facility, staffed by qualified and trained personnel, our staff and Volunteers do their upmost in caring for our clients.  If you have any questions regarding a placement at Shalom House Rehabilitation Centre or would like to tour our facilities please call 0404 654 004


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Meet Andrew

Background: Born in Darlinghurst, NSW, where his father, a typesetter and printer, originally from Perth, met and married his mother in Sydney. His father then worked in Canberra printing Hansard for the Federal Parliament. When Andrew turned five, his parents returned to Perth to work in the family printing business with his uncle. He had a good, caring relationship with his parents, but they were always busy working. Andrew didn’t like that he was an only child – it was lonely and boring. He would have loved to have had another brother or sister to play with. As a result, Andrew determined to have three children of his own. Andrew struggled to succeed at school, forced to repeat Year 3, but eventually learned to read and write. At age 14 he first started on marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol, mainly due to boredom and the need for something to do. Andrew dropped out of school in Year 9, starting work as a labourer in a factory – simply as an excuse to get out of school. At age 17 he started taking amphetamines, sourced from his friends. The drugs seemed to give Andrew a good feeling, even if it was only temporary. By 20, he started using heroin, which commenced the downward pattern of destruction of his life. Andrew worked for the next 20 years in a roof-tile factory, all along maintaining his addiction to heroin. Amazingly, he was able to cover up his addiction, without anyone noticing. Unexpectedly, things came to a head, when he and his workmates were forced to take a redundancy due to closure of the...

Meet Robert

Due to alcohol and drug addiction, Robbie’s father left his mother when he was only 6 months old. Fortunately Robbie has since had a step-father who has been a strong and stabilising influence for him, even to this day. Robbie desired to re-establish his relationship with his father in prison, but sadly contact with his father has been almost non-existent – almost like a distant fairy tale in his memory. At age 8, sadly his step-father then split up with his mother, due to family conflict. While Robbie struggled with anger issues in Primary School, from Year 6 he became aware he could get away with doing whatever he wanted. Initially he started smoking, swearing and generally rebelling. He would steal and get angry at his teachers. Attempting to be accepted and seen to be “cool” in front of his mates, by age 13 he started smoking dope. Despite putting on the “tough” image, Robbie knew deep inside that it wasn’t real. Soft at heart, underneath it all, Robbie really liked doing nice things, helping and encouraging others. By becoming a “follower” of his school mates, it ended up making him feel useless, wanting to give up on everything. He then worked out that not even trying meant he couldn’t fail. Early in Year 9, Robbie then dropped out of school as his anger in the classroom was becoming unmanageable. Not living in a “normal” family like his school mates made Robbie feel different from others. So any fear or anxiety he experienced seemed to disappear when he lost his temper. For several years Robbie experienced debilitating panic attacks,...