“Tough Love: Tackling drug addiction and seeing change”
– by Peter Lyndon-James


In our community and nation we have an epidemic on our hands. There’s a unique drug on the street now that’s destroying families at a rate like no other drug has ever done before.

Meth (ice) not only binds a person up in addiction, but it changes them. The way they speak, the way they act and the way they treat those around them.

Peter Lyndon-James helps people break free from life controlling issues, such as meth and other drugs, bringing them to the point where they want to change and make the decision to turn their life around so badly, that they will finally stop taking drugs.

“Tough Love” is designed to equip you and your family with ways in which you will successfully handle a person on drugs. While primarily focused on meth, the principles on in “Tough Love” apply across the board for all forms of addiction, helping you learn what to do and how to handle the challenge ahead.


To order a copy of the Tough Love book written by Peter Lyndon-James, please go to www.toughlovebook.com.au.