Do you have questions? Let’s see if we can answer some of them.

How do I get in?

Read this website and call our team on 0473 883 914. Do not call on behalf of someone else. The person needing the help must be the person to make the call. The person needing help must also read the information on this website, as they will be asked questions to make sure they have read the website. 

How much does the program cost?2015-09-05 16.00.49

The cost of the program is $300 per week; that covers all your food, rent and other outgoings for the house. We recommend $50 per week on top to cover spending expenses and social activities taking the total cost to $350 per week.

A person’s Centrelink payment will usually cover most of this cost.

We require two weeks payment in advance, which is a total of $700. This is a non-refundable payment and must be made prior to the commencement of the program.

How long is the program?

Each resident is different and may need a certain amount of time to make the change a permanent one. We ask that every resident commits to a minimum of a 24-month stay. This could vary, shorter or longer. We do not believe that effective change can be done in a short time.

The question to ask is – how long does it take to restore a person’s life and to make that restoration permanent? You can’t change 20 years of drug abuse in three months.



What if he doesn’t answer?2015-09-05 16.10.53-1

Try again… And again… You must show that you are serious and want to change and be persistentMake sure you follow up your phone call, if you don’t get answer, with a text message each time.

We accept one in every twenty applicants even though we have beds available. We are not interested in filling beds, we are interested in changing lives and we save those beds for those who are serious about wanting to change. If you are not 150% serious about changing your life, we suggest you try somewhere else.

What about my prescription medications?

We have a GP and a clinical psychologist who assist us in making decisions on what medications, if any, are necessary.

We allow medications that assist in physical issues e.g. heart medication, blood pressure and Ventolin. We also allow anti-psych medications as prescribed by the psychiatrist, however, as we do work alongside the psychiatrist to help reduce or adjust the dosage to the best possible level and medication type; always in the best interests of the resident.

Most antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, etc., are used to mask over deeper issues that the individual is unwilling or unable to deal with. We want to see the issues so that they can be dealt with once and for all. People with addictive personalities will often go from an illegal drug to a legal one and the cycle continues through the ups and downs of a drug addicted life.

Our standard procedure is no medications at all, as drug addiction is often the main cause for most mental, emotional and physical issues. Stop the drug, deal with the issues.

What is your method for detox?

Unless it is an extreme case (e.g. 50-year-old alcoholic with severe tremors) it is a case of sweat it out, cold turkey.IMG_2571

Every resident we have ever taken into our program has gone through this process and made it out the other side, so can you, under supervision of course.

Can I smoke?

Absolutely not. We have a strict no smoking policy and an effective method to kicking the habit – cold turkey.

Can I see my kids/wife/ girlfriend?

We are here to restore the lives of men and families. We work very closely with the families of our residents to restore and rebuild all relationships. We love to see fathers reunited with their children. We often have to say that for a short period of time there is no contact so that the individual has time to work on themselves before reuniting with family; every case is different. Most of the time it is no longer than a few weeks.

Saturday night is Family Night, where families can come and share in the community and have a meal with us. Check out our EVENTS PAGE for more details.

We usually ask that non-serious romantic relationships are put on hold or stopped before entering our program. The resident needs to be focused on their recovery. It is a long and hard road to travel and often these relationships can derail a person, but as we said – each case is different.

Wht if I can’t afford it?

There are options available. Don’t make an excuse for not changing your life. If you are desperate enough then money won’t be a factor.


What about my dog/cat/bird/fish…

Sorry no pets.

Do we take people in who are out on bail or fresh out of prison?


What if I still have questions?