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Here Are Answers To Some Of The Questions That Are Asked Of Shalom House And Peter Lyndon-James On Social Media


If you are a Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, New Age, Black, White, Pink or Purple you are WELCOME at Shalom.

I don’t care what your faith background, you are welcome here. I promise you I will not push Religion down your throat….!

But here, we are a Christian Rehabilitation Centre, we don’t rehabilitate Christians even though MOST OF THEM NEED IT, but we are Christian.

I have no right pushing it down your throat, the best way to communicate what I believe is to live it……!!!!

We explain all this to those who come here, they enter of their own accord and are free to leave anytime they choose.

If you don’t like the way I do it then please go and start your own as we need more rehabs. I’m only trying to help people the way I know how, if you know ways that I can do it better please come and show me or give me a call as I would welcome your input for me to do it better.


We at Shalom House DO NOT take people directly from Prison in any way shape or form. NOT ONE resident in Shalom House is from Prison.

We also DON’T take people on Parole, we will not be their get out of jail free card. I get many calls from people in Jails wanting to come to Shalom but I tell them I don’t take people from Prison. I tell them if you are serious about wanting to change your life then give me a ring the day you get out of jail and I will take you in on that day but NONE, NOT ONE has ever done so.

They are also not taken after release because most people when they get out want to go and celebrate by doing a lagging (Jail Term). It’s sad but NONE of them follow through with it. They all mean well when in Jail but when they get out they just go straight back to it like a dog to its vomit and a pig to the mud.

Most people who get out of Jail go and get on (drugs) to celebrate the fact that they have just done a lagging (Jail term) the last thing they want is to enter a rehab after doing time (Jail) ..!


Yes. Some of the people out of the 140 who are there have been to prison some time In their past but not all. There may be 25 or so who have been to prison but very few for serious offences.


We all project an image that people perceive. As soon as you look at a person, your mind unconsciously makes an assessment of what it sees and you set boundaries on what that is seen.

Because of the background of some of our fellas they look a bit rough around the edges when they first come in, some have top knots, some have Mohawks and some even “GOD FORBID” have mullets, yes that’s right mullets.

Here at shalom we have a rule, that if a rule is relevant for one person then it’s relevant for everyone. It’s not ok to make one person do something without applying the rule to everyone, that would not be fair so no mullets NO HAIR.

We don’t allow Mullets, Mohawks or Top Knots here at shalom so what is relevant for one is relevant for everyone. We shave all the fellas heads, No2 on the top and a No1 on the sides. They do it in the army, why not here? They have hair standards in schools, why not here?

We want our fellas to project an image that says we are safe to be around, we want them to project an image that people will accept them for who they are not what they look like.

If you have any questions on Shalom, why we do what we do or anything else for that matter we are happy to answer as best we can.

If for the right reasons you want to check out what we do, where we get our money from, how we are funded, what we spend it on and all that we welcome it all…


If I am doing something wrong and I can’t see it PLEASE, PLEASE help me to see what I can’t see so that I can change and do it better, I’m trying my best, help me to try better…!


The reason we go to three church services every week is because I can’t stand religion, I hate it with a passion. Please let me explain.

As I’ve said in a previous post, if the church of God was like Hungry Jack’s, it would be be chockers. But it’s not. It’s made up of all different denominations. At least when you go to hungry jacks you know what your getting, me, whopper double beef with cheese, extra pickle DP…!

At Shalom, I don’t have one program. I have 140 programs because I have 140 residents who have all been programmed differently. If I had one program for the 140 residents, most of the program wouldn’t be relevant for the person right there and then because they’re at all different stages in life, all learn differently and come from different backgrounds.

I don’t want to push religion down the residents’ throats and I don’t want to be seen pushing them towards one particular denomination.

The reason we do go to three different church services is to show them that the body of Christ is different.

On a Friday night we might go to a Pentecostal church where they wave flags, pray in tongues and fall on the floor. Sometimes they might dance around the room, and the services can be extended longer than a normal service. Having 140 residents in the program, some of my residents really like that church. They feel comfortable and it helps them to grow spiritually.

Saturday night we go to Shalom Church. It’s a great place to bring family and friends who don’t like religion or don’t come from a faith background, because you won’t get religion pushed down your throat or some on fire Christian sticking a flag on your head trying to lead you to Jesus because you’re the new person in the church. It’s a non denominational church and I find it’s a safe place for us to encourage all the family and friends of the residents to come along to spend time with their loved one. All the family who attend our Saturday night service feel comfortable and don’t feel the pressure that a church would give when it comes to religion or faith. Again, a lot of our residents really enjoy Shalom church and some of our residents don’t.

Sundays we go to all different churches across Perth because, again, in our program we have 140 residents from all different backgrounds and also all different suburbs. Some are from Armadale, some are from Girawheen, some from Rockingham and some from Mandurah, all different suburbs. So on the Sundays, sometimes we will go to the Catholic church or the Anglican church, Protestant church, Baptist church, we also attend the Churches of Christ, as well as many other different denominations. Every Sunday we try to attend a different denomination in a different suburb every week. The reason we do this is to show our residents that the body of Christ worships differently. Again, I don’t want to be seen to be pushing my residents towards one particular denomination as some residents don’t fit or feel comfortable in certain denominations.

By going to all these different denominations and different churches our residents get to learn that the body of Christ is indeed different. But what binds them all together is the absolutes – God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, salvation by faith and repentance which is outworked in actions and in truth.

It also helps the residents to see that those within the church are just as screwed up as those outside of the church and that we’re all on a journey to either good or bad.

I seriously do hate religion, but what if, what if the message that religion has to proclaim is actually true, your not just a fart in the wind, when you die do you think that’s all there is…?

Please, if there are things we do that you disagree with, don’t shoot us down as we are trying our best to help people change their life in the best way we know how. You do things your way I do them mine.


People ask me what the word SHALOM means as well as where did I get the name from.

According to Strong’s Concordance 7965 Shalom means;


As well as the absence of agitation or discord. Shalom comes from the root verb shalom meaning to be complete, perfect and full.

For me it means to be complete, whole and full in every area of life. (Honesty, integrity, Mercy, Love, Truth, Unity)


We would like to be open and honest with you in regards to Facebook questions that are posted on Facebook that are not constructive but rather destructive.

We welcome you and any person or organisation out to Shalom to look over completely what we do. We will make the time to show you over all our properties as well as take the time to show you how all our funds are spent down to the dollar. We have two independent external audit reports done each year yand a board that oversee all of its Operations.

If you are willing to take the time to accept our invitation to come out to Shalom then after you have you done so you have positioned yourself with the information to answer and post what ever it is you feel you see.

I do not feel that if fair that people would take the time to comment destructively on something that they have not taken the time to come out to see especially when this invite has been extended on multiple occasions.

My staff as well as myself are doing our best with what we have. We are not asking you for anything, we are not wanting money or anything from you all we ask is for those who wish know more about Shalom or comment publicly on Shalom take the time to come out and see first hand before they do so publicly and privately, is that unfair….?

If you see something that we could do better please show us so we can do it better, I and my team are trying our best.

If people who have not taken the time to come out to Shalom post on Facebook with comments that are destructive I make no apologies in deleting them.

Please forgive me if this offends you.

If you would like to come out to Shalom we are more than happy to accommodate you and spend as much time with you as required to answer all of your questions.

To make an appointment please contact us at: info@shalomhouse.com.au


The reason I write the following is to be open, honest and transparent, I have nothing to hide, currently I have a few people spreading things about me and my past trying to discredit me, well after this there will be no ammo left. My name is Peter Lyndon-James. I have spent 26 years of my life in and out of jails and institutions starting from the age of nine, and HAD a criminal record longer than most. I’ve broken into houses, stolen cars, mugged many people, I’ve sold drugs and guns, had genital warts, ghonarea, crabs, herpies and more. Have I given it to others? Yes. Intentionally? No. I’ve played doctors and nurses as a child, I’ve fondled another boys genitals growing up, I’ve also been sexually molested by a male as a child. I have slept with hundreds of prostitutes behind my wife’s back as well as with many other women. For most of my life I’ve never paid taxes until I became a Christian. I, Peter Lyndon-James, have done all of the above and more. If it’s not on there I have probably done it.

All I can say is that if you are a victim of my life or my choices, if you are a victim of my selfishness and stupidity – I am sorry, I am so very, very sorry. I have no excuse for what have done to you or to any other person, what I have done was and is wrong and I am 100% to blame, there is nothing I can say in my defence. Please I ask that you would forgive me as I am genuinely sorry for my actions and wish I could change what I have done as well as the life I have lived, but I can’t. All I can do is take ownership of my mistakes and try my best not to do it again.

Today I really care about people. That person is not me anymore, that person is dead, that’s the old me. Today I am trying my best to be the best me I can be. I care about people, I care about them in the way I need to not in the way they want me to.

I don’t care if you or any person on the face of this planet likes me, not even the slightest. But I do care what God thinks of me.

I welcome any person to look over all of my life, including my finances and if there are areas in me or what I do that aren’t done with honesty, integrity and transparency then help me see what I can’t see to make the changes that I need to make. I am trying my best, please help me to try better.

****** ABOUT SHALOM HOUSE ******

Shalom House is funded by ex-addicts, let me tell you why. Many people who have never tried drugs don’t understand why drugs are enjoyable, they can’t stand the thought of it and can’t comprehend why on earth people use them. I used drugs for 26 years and enjoyed them, I loved the highs they gave me and the good times I had when on them, life became exciting and they seemed to take away all my problems. I knew the consequences of using drugs as I had suffered them for years but i didn’t seem to care, stuff the world I thought, I’m not hurting anyone.

I knew the risks, Hep C, bad health, financial ruin, family break downs and a whole heap more, but I didn’t care. I was having fun and they seemed to take away my problems, or so I thought.

Shalom House is 100% self funded and does not receive any financial support from the government or other agencies. Currently we have 140 residents in our facility across 14 houses and growing every month because the need is so high. Within the next 6 months I will be at 100 or more.


I charge each one of my residents board; Out of that we have to pay the rents on 14 properties $14,000 per week, utilities on the nine properties, feed and transport residents plus pay the wages of staff and much much more.

I don’t believe that society should have to pay to rehabilitate a drug user, it’s not ok. They are the ones that had fun for many years getting stoned of their face, they are the ones that chose to use drugs, they should be the ones to pay for their rehabilitation, not the taxpayer or another individual.

Some time back I started a Buisness called “Shalom Works” which does all types of building maintenance and construction. 100% of the income that is earned by Shalom Works goes into the running the Shalom House program, we are not costing the government a cent and what we are doing is working at changing lives.

There is not a program like Shalom House anywhere in Australia that is running like this and achieving the results we are, it’s astounding, 100% self funded and we get all our residents off Centrelink within 7 months and back into the working community being productive members of society.

Yes we are a registered tax deductible charity that has DGR status as well as a charitable collections Licence and if it weren’t for a few generous people who have given to Shalom we would be doing it a lot harder than we are. I never ask people for money but if they get prompted to give they receive a tax deductible receipt and we make sure we use our funds wisely.

Shalom also has an external auditor who goes over all our books once per year to ensure we are using our funds wisely and that every dollar is accounted for.

The reason I write this is that I would like to always be open and honest and transparent in all that I do. I welcome any individual or organisation to look at our books and ask any questions with regards to Shalom, Shalom Works or anything else that I may put my hand to and you will see that no flies can land on me, we are honest, accountable and transparent in all we do.

It takes a great deal of commitment by everyone involved to make Shalom House work, from the staff to the volunteers and general public, it’s a team effort. Many sacrifices have been made by all involved to get Shalom to where it is today.

Shalom House is funded by those within the program, and in return they get their whole life sorted out. We help them to bring where possible complete restoration to their whole family. We also bring restoration to all their finances and general issues as well as set them up in a career of their choosing for their future.

So in closing we are a wholistic rehabilitation Centre that works at bringing complete restoration to the individual and in turn flowing into their families.

Isn’t that AWESOME and it’s not costing anyone anything except the person who has been using drugs, even then they still receive more than what they give, a lot more.

I don’t believe it’s ok for a person to wilfully use drugs and have a lot of fun doing so and when the consequences of their actions catch up with them to think they can just rock up at a government or nongovernment organisation and expect the tax payer or another individual to pay for their rehabilitation, it’s not ok. They are the ones that got themselves into their mess so they should be the ones to get themselves out of it and in turn they learn in the process.

Come on Swan Shire, come on local government, come on members of parliament and the powers to be, I need help in changing lives. Let’s all partner together in making a difference in the lives of men and families in our community.


I seriously hate religion. I recon if the church of God was like hungry jacks it would be chockers, but it’s not, it’s made up all of these different mobs and for a person who comes from where I come from how do you know which one’s the right one? I’m not a religious person, I’m a Christian, let me explain.


A religious person to me is one that goes around saying fish, chip and salt every second word (Fu.., C…., & S…), get the drift? They tell everyone to do what they don’t do themselves, they lie, gossip, look at women lustfully and go to church once a week, I can’t stand religion. Have you met one of them?


Well a Christianise person is one that goes around saying hallelujah, praise the lord, glory to God. Every second word is god this and god that, glory here and glory there and they set the standard of Christianity so high that I don’t want to be like that and it’s too hard for me. When you come from where I come from it’s a standard that for most they feel it’s just simply too hard. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with them, the Bible says, “I would rather you hot or cold not Luke warm because I’ll spew you out of my mouth.


The “I don’t give a flying floppa mob” say, “it’s ok, I’m a good person, I’m not hurting anyone, if religion works for them good on you, but not in my circle.


Well the challenge is, if what they are trying to communicate or are saying is actually true, where a great deal of people stand right now, they are in a little bit of a pickle. I personally recon we’re not just a fart in the wind, and I recon that when we die that there’s something up there, well in fact I now know because of what I have and are experiencing. How do we communicate what we know to be true without pushing religion down people’s throats. I don’t believe that it’s ok to push what we believe upon people, it’s just NOT OK. If we truly want to tell people what we believe then I think we should live it, we should lead by example, in the words we speak, in the thoughts that we think, in how we lead our homes and how we are with our finances as well as how we respond when we are miss treated.

Many, many people have been hurt by religion, hurt by people who think they are doing the right thing but are actually doing the wrong thing. When I became a Christian I went from zero to one hundred in half a second flat, I became what you would call a God botherer. If you didn’t want to hear about God then stay away from me as I was determined to do what I could to tell everyone about what I believed but what I was doing was wrong yet I could not see it, I look back now and know that I did more harm than good.

I have learnt more in the last five years running Shalom House that I have in my whole life. Many men who come to us have been hurt by religion in their past and if you are one of them “I am very, very sorry”. At Shalom we take people who are atheists, Muslim, Hindu, Budist, New Age as well as anyone else who has some form of faith or no faith at all. I don’t care what you believe as you are always welcome here.

What is really real for you is real for me, if that’s what you believe well that’s fine with me, come as you are and come with what you believe, it’s ok. What I do care about is that if you are wanting to come into Shalom to change your life then you must be teachable, you must be willing to talk about the issues that face us, including faith, because here we learn about truth and we welcome every question as we begin the journey of truth.

I really do care about people and don’t get paid at all for what I do, I’m not in this for the money I’m in this to help people change their lives. Do I make mistakes, YES AND PLENTY of them but I am trying my best. If there are things that I am doing wrong then please help me to see what I can’t see, please speak into my life and help me to change. I don’t want nothing from you or anyone else, all I want is for your life to change like mine, I want honesty, integrity, transparency to be a part of your life.

One of the reasons that I write this is to let you know where I stand, I’m not pushing religion down anyone’s throats, they are here by choice and can leave any time they wish. No one is holding my residents here. I’m not selling them drugs I’m trying to help them change their lives, I don’t get anything in return and nor do I want it. If you don’t like the way I do it please don’t be angry at me for wanting to make a difference, would you rather I stop and put these residents back on the streets? Also if you don’t like how I do it, why don’t you have a go doing it your way, I promise I will do what I can to support you and I really mean it. Someone has to stand up and do something, families are being destroyed and all I’m doing is trying to stop that from happening.

Yes I run a faith based rehabilitation centre, a Christian rehabilitation centre, we don’t rehabilitate Christians even though MOST of them need it, but we are UNASHAMEDLY Christian. Do we employ people from a no faith background, MY OATH WE DO, do we employ other people from other religions, MY OATH WE DO, and so do most workplaces in Australia.



I spent 26 years of my life sticking needles in my arms, breaking into houses, committing crimes and selling drugs. At my worst I was selling 2.5 kilo of meth per day. I’ve been in mental wards, had psychosis, done time in all the jails in WA as well as everything else that comes with living that lifestyle.

I’ve been drug free now for over 15 years and have learnt a little bit from what I’ve been through especially more so running a rehabilitation Centre.


Within 12 months all our residents should have;

1 – Paid for their own rehabilitation
2 – Got themselves 100% debt free
3 – Have a drivers license
4 – Purchased a car
5 – Working full time
6 – Be completely off Centrelink
7 – Have most family relationships restored
8 – All community service fines paid
9 – Be free of drugs & Substances
10 – Be off all medication
11 – Be a non smoker
12 – Have savings in the bank
13 – Have a whole new circle of friends

And more….

And all this costs our Government and society NOTHING.

Shalom House is funded by ex-Addicts, let me tell you why and then how. Many people who have never tried drugs don’t understand why drugs are enjoyable, they can’t stand the thought of it and can’t comprehend why on earth people use them. I used drugs for 26 years and enjoyed them, I loved the highs they gave me and the good times I had when on them, life became exciting and they seemed to take away all my problems. I knew the consequences of using drugs as I had suffered them for years but i didn’t seem to care, stuff the world I thought, I’m not hurting anyone.

I knew the risks, Hep C, bad health, financial ruin, family break downs and a whole heap more, but I didn’t care. I was having fun and they seemed to take away my problems, or so I thought.

Shalom House is 100% self funded and does not receive any financial support from the government or other agencies. Currently we have over 140 residents in our facility across Ten houses and growing every month because the need is so high. Within the next 6 months I will be at 150 or more.


Just so you the public know, my wife and myself DO NOT work for Shalom House, we are BOTH full time volunteers, we don’t do it for the money and Shalom does not pay us one cent.

I have been a full time volunteer for 7 years with my wife Amanda supporting me financially for at least the first 6.5 years. Due to the effect it was having on our marriage we got rid of our business that she was running and now she is one of my PA’s.

All of our tools and most of our personal assets have been swallowed into Shalom. Yes Shalom uses 90% of my property as a base, yes Shalom has done a lot of work on the grounds of the property but we are NOT IN IT FOR THE MONEY.

Everything that takes place on my property that has to do with materials comes out of my own pocket NOT SHALOM. We have been living on our savings for a long time and also of the sale of our gardening business.

I am tired of people saying we are in it for the money, we don’t get paid for it. We/Shalom have been audited and I have a board that keeps us accountable.

Please if you have questions about my finances or Shalom’s or about anything to do with me or Shalom take the time to come out and see, ask the questions and I will give you the answers as well as the proof to what I say.

I don’t think it’s ok for people to speak untruths about someone or something that they have not personally taken the time to look into, you should not go by what you hear by a third party, that’s gossip, please come check us out for yourself….

Yours truly

Peter & Amanda Lyndon-James

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